Dôme en pierre pour une résidence privée


EDM Middle East has successfully completed the installation of a vaulted stone dome above a SPA area for a private project in the Middle East .To achieve this beautiful edifice , EDM Middle East teams have designed and assembled through a research laboratory in Paris the 166 Keystones of this dome. The study has been realized aiming to combine a historical design tradition method (from 1699) with the new design technologies. For this purpose, a very specific shape has been applied to the Keystones in order to optimize their compression capacity bracing the thrust of the vault. This autoclaved system, where no reinforcements were used has never been realized before, making this dome the first of its kind in the world. This unique structure is now combining grace and strength while covering the SPA main Jacuzzi, made by a Gold Italian Mosaic and surrounded by a European stones mix. The project was completed on time offering a noble vault to the SPA users by giving them the impression that the dome is suspended magically in the space.